About Albert...

Albert Tenaya is one of the few descendants of Yosemite Valley’s Indian Chief, “Chief Tenaya” of the Ahwahneechee Paiute Band of California Miwok.


Albert is a multi-talented and favorite performer at American Indian festivals throughout the western and south western United States. Through music, song, dance and story, Albert invites his audience to open to the balance and wisdom of the Native American culture.

By seeking balance and peace, one finds it.  If you are looking for ways to add these qualities to your life, listen to Albert’s music while you’re here.  If you feel inspired, please support this independent artist with your purchase. 

If there is someone on your gift list that you want to honor, or to honor yourself, consider a Medicine Water Flute Songs or a Warrior Dancer CD.

Thank you for visiting. From this day forward, walk in peace.


Warrior Dancer

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Medicine Water

Flute Songs

Medicine Water Flute Songs is a relaxing collection of nature-inspired solo flute music.  I created this album from observing the peace and grace of nature.  Sit back and feel the soothing medicine of peace flow through you.


Warrior Dancer is an soulful collection of songs inspired by the centuries-old stories my grandmother told me.  Warrior Dancer is Native American folk music that will touch the old soul of your earth spirit.